Evans Performance Products, LLC is our sister company and is located at our facility. 

Cryogenic Processing

EPP uses liquid nitrogen under a cntrolled process to soak parts at – 320F.  The process takes 72 hours to reach the desired temperatures, soak, and then slowly be brought back to ambient temperature.  Ferrous metals require a slight “tempering” to help stabilize after the process.

REM Isotropic Super-finishing

REM Super-finishing is a state of the art micro finish.  REM is done in a two step process, the cut and the burnish.  This is a chemically accelerated super-finish.  The end products have a mirror like finish.  REM achieves extreme decreases in metal to metal friction, fantastic oil shedding qualities, and can also improve the longevity of parts.  Ideal parts are transmission gears, ring & pinion sets, connecting rods, springs, and so on.  Any part that can benefit from decreasing friction and/or oil shedding would be great for this process.